You will be able to watch/listen to my improvisation/video creation this Thursday October 15th during the Ad Libitum festival of improvised music in Warsaw, Poland.

If the sanitary situation permits, there will be a small audience of about 30 people present at the viewing. The videos will be live streamed as well. You can find more information here.

The project involving two other sound artists living abroad–Olga Szymula (Aarhus) and Martyna Poznańska (Berlin)–is based on the idea that each of us improvises to a piece by one other artist. And so, I created an improvised performance to a stereo version of a 16-channel installation called “Aaaa-uuuh–a sonic trajectory through different expressions of how the environment thinks.” by Martyna. It was really fun to find ways of interacting with her music with my setup made in Ableton Live X. It is also my debiut as a solo shō player in front of a camera.

The project is curated by Kuba Krzewiński and Antoni Michnik.

I hope you enjoy the performance!