Virtual Sound Installation

Interactive 3D Environment

The Garden is an audio-visual installation created in the form of a virtual 3D environment. This work is a continuation of my 2019 projects based on the sounds of Japanese gardens and nature: a 24-speaker installation and a piece for three performers and electronics.

The Garden exists virtually and can also be experienced with 3D goggles. The user enters a world which closely exhibits my own impressions of a hot summer’s twilight. Depending on the path one takes, they will hear sounds of birds, insects, water, and man-made objects – all of which are unique and recognizable in Japanese culture.

This installation is my idea for sharing a virtual safe space and relaxation environment, which is much needed in current times.

The Garden was financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland (more info below). There is a free, downloadable version available for Mac and Windows platforms. This project will not run on mobile devices.



Before running the application, please prepare (preferably over-ear) headphones. For your own safety, please check the computer volume settings after starting the application and prior to putting on headphones. 

Locate the downloaded file. Extract the .zip file and click on the application file (Mac) or the executable file (Windows). If you are prohibited by the operating system from opening the file, simply right-click on it, click on “Open”, and, when prompted, agree to open the file anyway. It may be a procedural question since I am not a registered app developer.

The mouse cursor will disappear once you run the application. 

Movement (keyboard):

Use the arrow keys to move forward, move backward, strafe left, strafe right.

To rotate the camera, hold the Shift key and use any of the four Arrow keys to rotate in that direction.

To quit the application:

Mac: Command + Q

Windows: Alt + F4


I am grateful to Brad Garton, my professor at the Columbia University, for helping me build this project.

Zrealizowano w ramach programu stypendialnego Ministra Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego – Kultura w sieci. 

Project financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland within the programme „Culture within Network”.