My newest piece written for Distractfold will premiere next Thursday July 29th at 5 PM EST.

You can join us for the YouTube premiere on under this link. This is the last installment of the Columbia Composers Digital Premieres, a series of online pre-recorded concerts that are replacing the usual live concert season. The video will be available to watch for 2 weeks starting from its premiere.

Full program and program notes are available in the description box under the video.

I’m very happy and proud to see this project come together after 1.5 years since its inception. I’m very grateful to my collaborators who made it happen.

trinity of selves

concept and music by Nina Fukuoka

choreography and dance by Gabriela Burdsall

cinematography by Gilliam de la Torre

consultation and production by William Ruiz Morales

editing and special effects by Izumi Yoshida

performed by


Linda Jankowska – violin

Emma Richards – viola

Alice Purton – Cello

Daniel Brew – electric guitar

Recording engineer Sam Weaver

Mix by Distractfold and Nina Fukuoka

Mastering engineer Richard Scott

Special thanks to Daniel Brew and Columbia Composers: DM R and Jessie Cox